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Tea tree oil
  • -20%
Tea tree oil
Regular price zł24.00 -20% Price zł19.20
In the old days, during the voyages of Captain Cook and the first colonisers of Australia, an infusion of tea tree leaves replaced real tea for the sailors. Many years later, it was discovered that the oil extracted from this wild plant, which likes swampy areas, has versatile applications in medicine, our bathroom and our cosmetics bag.
Lemon grass hydrolate
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Lemon grass hydrolate
Regular price zł26.00 -30% Price zł18.20
An extremely refreshing product loaded to the brim with valuable nutrients. Obtained in the process of steam distillation of fresh blades of lemongrass, the hydrolate strongly cleanses, regulates sebum secretion, tightens pores, and prevents excessive skin oiliness. In addition, it delights the senses with a delicate citrus note, which also has an antidepressant effect. What more could you want?
Chamomile hydrolate
Price zł39.00
Floral water, obtained through steam distillation of the flower baskets of a plant called the common camomile, with a characteristic straw colour and a delicately floral scent (many recall the smell of herbs and freshly cut grass). We recommend using it in your daily morning and evening skincare routine. 
Sicilian Mandarin Hydrolate
Price zł26.00
The hot Italian sun is what we miss most during the year and what we love to return to during our holidays. We would like to remind you a little bit of those already forgotten holidays by presenting you a tangerine hydrolate straight from Sicily! Its scent will take us to the most beautiful corners of the island and remind us what we love Italy for!
Lavender oil
Price zł24.00
In the 17th century, European royal courts used the fashionable Eau de Cologne, making Cologne famous as a perfume city. Lavender oil was the heart note in it and since then it has been loved not only by the royal family but by the whole world. Earlier, in ancient times, bath water was perfumed with amethyst lavender flowers.
GlossyGlow Moisturizing and...
Price zł120.00

Glossy Glow moisturizing and brightening serum is a product whose ingredients replace the skin with a smooth, moisturized and brightened one. The product is rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamins, nutritious oils, and ... which probably excites us the most: it smells beautifully with Goji berries.

Monoi (Monoi de Tahiti) oil
Price zł35.00
Filled with the scent of gardenia flowers, the symbol of the tiara and crown. Monoi oil is a unique product and to these days is traditionally manufactured by the people of Polynesia. Flowers soaked in coconut oil for a long time are exuding their exotic aroma. Snow-white, star-shaped flowers are covering the shrubs which are planted at the fields of the Tahiti island.
Cacay Oil
Price zł55.00
Cacay oil is an extremely efficient product. Just massage into the skin a few drops. It absorbs very quickly and does not leave a greasy film on the skin. Recommended especially for people with mature, dehydrated, dry, irritated by UV-rays, problematic (sensitive, acne) skin; with signs of aging and with skin discoloration.