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Grapefruit oil
Price zł24.00
Do you remember the scene in the film 'Black Swan' where Nina Sayers was eating breakfast? On her plate was half a grapefruit. And for good reason. It's part of a diet to maintain the right weight, and not just for ballerinas. This fruit has extraordinary properties. The oil is obtained by cold-pressing the peel of the fruit. It delights everyone with its specificity of action - and with its fragrance - citrus fans.
Sicilian Grapefruit Hydrolate
Price zł26.00
Although we associate it with exotic countries because it comes from Barbados, it came to us from Europe, specifically Italy! There, thanks to an increasingly favourable climate, the grapefruit has found its ideal place for cultivation. It would seem that a fruit made up of as much as 90% water will not be of much benefit to our skin. Nothing could be further from the truth: both problematic and mature skin will love it.
Sweet Orange
Price zł32.00
The unearthly scent of this oil will transport us to the sunny farmlands of the south of France. The yellow-red extract pressed from the peels of oranges will diffuse a wonderful and refreshing scent of citrus in our homes. Oranges, which are grown on a massive scale all over the world, are a source of many precious minerals and vitamins - just like the oil we would like to present to you.
Evening Primrose Oil
Price zł26.00
Not everyone knows the fact that the plant which is growing in the fields, meadows and wasteland, widely regarded as a weed has remarkable properties, highly prized by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Evening primrose was the one loved for centuries and used by women and men to body care.
Apricot Kernel Oil Organic
Price zł26.00
Pharmaceutical companies have been inspired by healing effects resulting directly from nature for years. We know that apricot kernels are an excellent source of vitamin B17, that fights with cancer cells. The common apricot tree not only gives fruit tasty, but also rich in vitamins. Oil ingredients, applied directly to the skin, naturally nourish it. 
Price zł59.00
There is nothing more wonderful than a deliciously scented peeling that makes your skin look healthy. We managed to create a product that is pleasantly sweet-scented and juicy as tangerines. We want to present to you a salt peeling -  a product that we all have fallen in love with since the first use and that we enjoy with each and every use. 
Cinnamon oil
Price zł24.00
The scent of cinnamon oil brings back childhood memories of grandma baking apple pie with cinnamon and the spicy aroma spreading wonderfully through the house. Today, enjoying the benefits of the oil will take you back in time, skipping the unnecessary calories of the pie. Cinnamon tree is valued for the ethereal properties of its grey-brown bark and leaves and is readily used not only in cosmetics.
Mandarin oil
Price zł24.00
From the first seconds we fell in love with this, sweet, fresh, fruity fragrance. Then the slightly orange colour, reminiscent of the refreshing taste of tangerines, which we gobble up in obscene quantities during December. We use it successfully not only in aromatherapy, but also in body and hair care.
Strawberry Seed Oil
Price zł32.00
Strawberries are one of the symbols of sunny summer. Few people know, however, that from the small seeds of the fruit, the oil, called the strawberry elixir of youth, is pressed. Strawberry seed oil is a dark green, light product, and its aroma can be compared to slightly nutty and fruity notes.