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Apricot Kernel Oil Organic
Price zł26.00
Pharmaceutical companies have been inspired by healing effects resulting directly from nature for years. We know that apricot kernels are an excellent source of vitamin B17, that fights with cancer cells. The common apricot tree not only gives fruit tasty, but also rich in vitamins. Oil ingredients, applied directly to the skin, naturally nourish it. 
Argan Oil Organic
Price zł36.00
Obtained manually, in an extremely complex way, from argan trees found only in Morocco. As much as 35kg of argan fruit are needed to produce one liter of oil. Thanks to its beautiful, golden, amber color and precious properties, it has gained the nickname of "liquid Moroccan gold".
Avocado Oil
Price zł26.00

Avocado is worshiped for centuries in Central America – Aztecks named it ‘the butter of wilderness’. The Incas believed that it affects to love. Avocados, due to it’s coarse, dark green skin are called also ‘the alligator pear’, sailed to Europe in the seventeenth century. To these days world is crazy about it. Light green oil pressed from this fruit has remarkable properties.

Baobab Oil
Price zł28.00
If you had the opportunity to read one of the greatest polish book for kids named „W pustyni i w puszczy” (in english: „In Desert and Wilderness”) you probably remember that huge, empty baobab’s trunk gave shelter to Stas and Nel. By the African natives is called the Tree of Life and a plant that grows' with roots up. Baobab oil seduces with a slight.
Bergamot oil
Price zł24.00
If you enjoy the taste of freshly brewed Earl Grey in the evenings, you must know that you also benefit from the relaxing effects of bergamot oil. This is because it is used as a flavouring agent in tea. Bergamot, a bush formed from a cross between bitter orange and lemon, bears inedible fruit. However, it is used as a source of fantastic essential oil.
Black cumin oil
Price zł26.00
According to the legend Tutankhamen was so fascinated by the effects of black cumin that ordered his servants to have it with them all the time. After Pharaoh death vial with oil was closed in his sarcophagus. Cleopatra and Nefertiti owed black cumin’s oil a beautiful and silky smooth skin.
Body care set
Price zł109.00
The skin of our body, especially in the autumn and winter, requires special care. Frost, alternating with warm temperatures at home, makes our skin rough, dry and lacks firmness. To prevent this, we suggest an intensive two-step care: Mojito Ocean peeling and Green Coffee and Grapefruit Body Butter. They form an ideal duet in the fight against dry skin, and in addition they firm the skin and make it as smooth as ever.
Borage Oil
Price zł26.00
Years back Roman commanders ordered to serve to the warriors wine with the addition of borage leaves believing that it will add them manhood in battle. To these days we still don’t know if it was effective. We know, however, that modern medicine appreciates the health benefits of borage because of the content of many substances that favorably affecting to the human body.
Cacay Oil
Price zł55.00
Cacay oil is an extremely efficient product. Just massage into the skin a few drops. It absorbs very quickly and does not leave a greasy film on the skin. Recommended especially for people with mature, dehydrated, dry, irritated by UV-rays, problematic (sensitive, acne) skin; with signs of aging and with skin discoloration.
Carrot oil
Price zł26.00
People with sensitive skin, not responsive to tanning in the sun and allergic to ingredients in tanning lotions should try carrot oil. Applied on the body will feed the skin with beneficial vitamins and minerals and leave a brown-gold colour on it. Beautiful, delicate tan will make your skin look more healthy and you can enjoy it not only in summer but for the whole year.
Chamomile hydrolate
Price zł39.00
Floral water, obtained through steam distillation of the flower baskets of a plant called the common camomile, with a characteristic straw colour and a delicately floral scent (many recall the smell of herbs and freshly cut grass). We recommend using it in your daily morning and evening skincare routine. 
Cinnamon oil
Price zł24.00
The scent of cinnamon oil brings back childhood memories of grandma baking apple pie with cinnamon and the spicy aroma spreading wonderfully through the house. Today, enjoying the benefits of the oil will take you back in time, skipping the unnecessary calories of the pie. Cinnamon tree is valued for the ethereal properties of its grey-brown bark and leaves and is readily used not only in cosmetics.