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Carrot oil
Price zł26.00
People with sensitive skin, not responsive to tanning in the sun and allergic to ingredients in tanning lotions should try carrot oil. Applied on the body will feed the skin with beneficial vitamins and minerals and leave a brown-gold colour on it. Beautiful, delicate tan will make your skin look more healthy and you can enjoy it not only in summer but for the whole year.
Sweet Almond Oil
Price zł26.00
In ancient time almond wood was used in king’s scepters production - believed that it has a mysterious power that passes through the ruler. Just a few people know that Vincent van Gogh, enchanted by view of blooming almond trees, painted a „Blossoming Almond Tree” picture. It’s nothing surprisingly then that the oil pressed from it’s nuts is characterized by unique effects.
Borage Oil
Price zł26.00
Years back Roman commanders ordered to serve to the warriors wine with the addition of borage leaves believing that it will add them manhood in battle. To these days we still don’t know if it was effective. We know, however, that modern medicine appreciates the health benefits of borage because of the content of many substances that favorably affecting to the human body.
Sicilian Orange Hydrolate
Price zł26.00
Sicilian Orange Hydrolate, rich in vitamins A, B and C as well as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, zinc, selenium and iron, will soothe our senses, nourish, strengthen blood vessels, moisturise and smooth our skin. This hydrolate will provide a vitamin bomb for our skin.
Elderberry hydrolate
Price zł26.00
Elderberry is known for its antioxidant properties, rich in flavonoids, organic acids, vitamin E and C. By steam distilling the flowers, the nutrients are transferred to an aqueous fraction, the hydrolate, along with the plant's natural essential oils.  
Shea butter Shea butter
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Shea butter
Regular price zł35.00 -25% Price zł26.25
Extracted from the hand-picked nuts of the shea tree, which is considered sacred in Africa. No wonder that its miraculous properties are widely used in cosmetics and medicine. It is one of the best cosmetics that nature provides us with. It is a wonderful addition to many creams, lotions, body and hair masks.
Plum Seed Oil
Price zł28.00
It's undeniably one of our favourite oils. With incredible speed, it rebuilds damaged skin. It is of gentle sweet, marzipan and almond scent. The product is mechanically pressed directly from the seeds without the use of high temperatures, thanks to which it maintains high nutritional properties.
Bergamot oil
Price zł24.00
If you enjoy the taste of freshly brewed Earl Grey in the evenings, you must know that you also benefit from the relaxing effects of bergamot oil. This is because it is used as a flavouring agent in tea. Bergamot, a bush formed from a cross between bitter orange and lemon, bears inedible fruit. However, it is used as a source of fantastic essential oil.
Argan Oil Organic
Price zł36.00
Obtained manually, in an extremely complex way, from argan trees found only in Morocco. As much as 35kg of argan fruit are needed to produce one liter of oil. Thanks to its beautiful, golden, amber color and precious properties, it has gained the nickname of "liquid Moroccan gold".