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Cosmetic set for mature skin
Price zł320.00
When the first wrinkles appear on our faces, we start to think about caring for our mature skin. We are looking for products that will firm the skin, smooth out wrinkles and make the face look smoother. In our gift set we have selected products for special tasks. Prickly pear oil, Konjac sponge with red clay, Hyaluronic acid 3% and Prickly pear cream with rose will make time stand still! Choose from a small or large set. 
Tropic gym mat
Price zł280.00
An exercise mat is an indispensable and basic element of every workout. Thanks to it you will take care of your health, well-being and beautiful silhouette at home or outdoors. 
Gym mat Pink
Price zł280.00
An exercise mat is an indispensable and basic element of every workout. Thanks to it you will take care of your health, well-being and beautiful silhouette at home or outdoors.
Set for dry skin
Price zł210.00
When putting together a kit for dry skin, we wondered what would turn out to be the best product from our collection. And so we created a set in which aloe vera and cucumber play the first fiddle. They have wonderful soothing and moisturising properties. They are one of the most frequently chosen additives for highly hydrating products. And to top it all off, they are accompanied by hyaluronic acid 3%, Prickly Pear Rose Cream and Plum Seed Oil. All the products together form a harmonious team for the daily care of dry skin.
Cosmetic set for capillary...
Price zł198.00
Unaesthetic spider veins are the bane of many women. Fragile and not very elastic vessels make the problem visible on our face, and red spots annoy us every day. Looking for a solution, we have created a set that will effectively strengthen and make blood vessels more flexible. Korean Konjac Sponge, Rose Hydrolate, Intensive Regeneration Serum and Wild Rose Oil are the greatest allies of redness-free skin on the shelf of natural cosmetics.
Set for problematic skin
Price zł149.00

Problematic skin. The bane of many women who, in an attempt to cover up skin changes, reach for, often, inadvisable means and, ultimately, also for strong make-up which is supposed to cover up imperfections. In the midst of all this we forget about proper skin care. The one that will help us deal with our problem and which will make our skin moisturised, the amount of sebum secreted will be normalised and irritated skin soothed. 

In our kit you will find our top products to help you fight problematic skin! 

GlossyGlow Moisturizing and...
Price zł120.00

Glossy Glow moisturizing and brightening serum is a product whose ingredients replace the skin with a smooth, moisturized and brightened one. The product is rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamins, nutritious oils, and ... which probably excites us the most: it smells beautifully with Goji berries.

Body care set
Price zł109.00
The skin of our body, especially in the autumn and winter, requires special care. Frost, alternating with warm temperatures at home, makes our skin rough, dry and lacks firmness. To prevent this, we suggest an intensive two-step care: Mojito Ocean peeling and Green Coffee and Grapefruit Body Butter. They form an ideal duet in the fight against dry skin, and in addition they firm the skin and make it as smooth as ever.
Prickly Pear Seed Oil Prickly Pear Seed Oil
  • -20%
Prickly Pear Seed Oil
Regular price zł130.00 -20% Price zł104.00
Plant named opuntia ficus-indica for Aztecks was a holiness. This huge cactus produces small seeds from which is pumped an valuable oil. Precious literally and figuratively – it’s the most expensive oil in the world. Although this fact the opuntia oil has gained thousands of followers around the world, called by them as 'botox in a bottle'.
Over-Night Intensive...
Price zł89.00
Mission Accomplished! We managed to close nourished, flexible, brightened and smooth skin in just a bottle. Let us present you an Over-Night Intensive Recovery Serum.
Mandarinlove set
Price zł79.00
The festive and winter season cannot be complete without juicy mandarins. That is why we decided to create a set that will add even more magic to Christmas. And so we created our tangerine bomb - Mandarinlove body scrub and Sicilian tangerine hydrolate. Thanks to them you will be able to experience tangerine pleasure from head to toe.