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Elderberry hydrolate
Price zł26.00
Elderberry is known for its antioxidant properties, rich in flavonoids, organic acids, vitamin E and C. By steam distilling the flowers, the nutrients are transferred to an aqueous fraction, the hydrolate, along with the plant's natural essential oils.  
Cucumber hydrolate with...
Price zł26.00
The product is made by distilling organically grown cucumbers with aloe vera water. It is a valuable source of mineral salts, vitamins (A, B, C, E) and enzymes. Cucumber hydrolate is recommended for people of all skin types, especially in the care of oily, acne-prone, needing stabilisation, dry and combination skin, as a strongly moisturising and soothing product.
GlossyGlow Moisturizing and...
  • -30%
GlossyGlow Moisturizing and...
Regular price zł120.00 -30% Price zł84.00

Glossy Glow moisturizing and brightening serum is a product whose ingredients replace the skin with a smooth, moisturized and brightened one. The product is rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamins, nutritious oils, and ... which probably excites us the most: it smells beautifully with Goji berries.

Lemon grass hydrolate
  • -40%
Lemon grass hydrolate
Regular price zł26.00 -40% Price zł15.60
An extremely refreshing product loaded to the brim with valuable nutrients. Obtained in the process of steam distillation of fresh blades of lemongrass, the hydrolate strongly cleanses, regulates sebum secretion, tightens pores, and prevents excessive skin oiliness. In addition, it delights the senses with a delicate citrus note, which also has an antidepressant effect. What more could you want?
Plum Seed Oil
Price zł28.00
It's undeniably one of our favourite oils. With incredible speed, it rebuilds damaged skin. It is of gentle sweet, marzipan and almond scent. The product is mechanically pressed directly from the seeds without the use of high temperatures, thanks to which it maintains high nutritional properties.
Raspberry&Aloe YOUNG Facial...
Price zł35.00

YOUNG skin is sometimes being underestimated and not well enough taken care-off. What we wanted to obtain with one of our very first products, was light and non-comedogenic formula, which hydrates the skin, makes the pores less visible and soothes any changes.

Picky YOUNG skin needs special treatment, and that is why we present the first facial cream from our new YOUNG collection.

Chamomile hydrolate
Price zł39.00
Floral water, obtained through steam distillation of the flower baskets of a plant called the common camomile, with a characteristic straw colour and a delicately floral scent (many recall the smell of herbs and freshly cut grass). We recommend using it in your daily morning and evening skincare routine. 
Grape Seed Oil
Price zł26.00

For hundreds of years, grape seeds have not been used - only today, thanks to the developed technology, we can obtain oils even from so little oily products. We are glad that it happened. The original effect of this oil on the skin was discovered, among others, due to the huge content of vitamin E, which delays the aging process.

Apricot Kernel Oil Organic
Price zł26.00
Pharmaceutical companies have been inspired by healing effects resulting directly from nature for years. We know that apricot kernels are an excellent source of vitamin B17, that fights with cancer cells. The common apricot tree not only gives fruit tasty, but also rich in vitamins. Oil ingredients, applied directly to the skin, naturally nourish it.