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Ylang-Ylang Oil 1st
Price zł49.00
Ylang-Ylang is a Filipino phrase translated as 'flower of flowers'. The plant is traditionally used as a decoration for the headboards of newlyweds' beds. The head-tapping, floral scent, with delicate hints of narcissus and banana, is extremely calming and easily sends you off to the world of dreamy dreams. It is a spirit stimulant and mood enhancer.
Tropic gym mat
Price zł280.00
An exercise mat is an indispensable and basic element of every workout. Thanks to it you will take care of your health, well-being and beautiful silhouette at home or outdoors. 
Triple Hyaluronic Acid...
Price zł30.00

A unique blend of three different types of hyaluronic acid - low molecular weight SLMW and LMW acids and HMW acid, which will respond to the needs of our clients in terms of moisturizing and caring for skin exposed to the occurrence of wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid, one of the strongest substances in this matter.

Triple Hyaluronic Acid...
  • -25%
Triple Hyaluronic Acid...
Regular price zł38.00 -25% Price zł28.50
A unique blend of hyaluronic acids which will respond to the needs of our clients in terms of moisturizing and caring for skin exposed to the occurrence of wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid, one of the strongest substances in this matter.
Tea tree oil
  • -20%
Tea tree oil
Regular price zł24.00 -20% Price zł19.20
In the old days, during the voyages of Captain Cook and the first colonisers of Australia, an infusion of tea tree leaves replaced real tea for the sailors. Many years later, it was discovered that the oil extracted from this wild plant, which likes swampy areas, has versatile applications in medicine, our bathroom and our cosmetics bag.
Sweet Orange
Price zł32.00
The unearthly scent of this oil will transport us to the sunny farmlands of the south of France. The yellow-red extract pressed from the peels of oranges will diffuse a wonderful and refreshing scent of citrus in our homes. Oranges, which are grown on a massive scale all over the world, are a source of many precious minerals and vitamins - just like the oil we would like to present to you.
Sweet Almond Oil
Price zł26.00
In ancient time almond wood was used in king’s scepters production - believed that it has a mysterious power that passes through the ruler. Just a few people know that Vincent van Gogh, enchanted by view of blooming almond trees, painted a „Blossoming Almond Tree” picture. It’s nothing surprisingly then that the oil pressed from it’s nuts is characterized by unique effects.
Strawberry Seed Oil
Price zł32.00
Strawberries are one of the symbols of sunny summer. Few people know, however, that from the small seeds of the fruit, the oil, called the strawberry elixir of youth, is pressed. Strawberry seed oil is a dark green, light product, and its aroma can be compared to slightly nutty and fruity notes.
Sicilian Orange Hydrolate
Price zł26.00
Sicilian Orange Hydrolate, rich in vitamins A, B and C as well as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, zinc, selenium and iron, will soothe our senses, nourish, strengthen blood vessels, moisturise and smooth our skin. This hydrolate will provide a vitamin bomb for our skin.
Sicilian Mandarin Hydrolate
Price zł26.00
The hot Italian sun is what we miss most during the year and what we love to return to during our holidays. We would like to remind you a little bit of those already forgotten holidays by presenting you a tangerine hydrolate straight from Sicily! Its scent will take us to the most beautiful corners of the island and remind us what we love Italy for!
Sicilian Lemon Hydrolate
Price zł26.00
Widely known as a fruit extremely rich in vitamin C. Lemon. A light, fresh water is obtained from the peel of the fruit using steam distillation. The gentle production process ensures that the ingredients in the lemon are not destroyed and finally end up in the bottle labelled "lemon hydrolate". In addition to vitamin C, you will find a wealth of B vitamins, minerals such as potassium and magnesium, essential oils and brightening fruit acids.