Hi there! It is the right place to learn more about us!

Manufaktura Natura is a small, family owned business, producing natural cosmetics in Poland. We truly believe in clean, natural and organic composition of our products, that is why you won't find any toxic chemicals, silicons and parabens in our manufactured cosmetics. Check out the products we have to offer and fell in love with our brand. 

Why should I use natural and organic cosmetics? 

Everyday, in every beauty supply shop or drugstore you see thousands of cosmetics in plastic bottles, with unknown ingredients and labels yelling at you "Vegan" or "Eco" with big green letters. If you would take a moment to actually check those products, you could be terrified by how much unnecessary or even toxic ingredients you can find in those cosmetics. Both, your skin and the environment will thank you for switching to natural and organic products!

Why our brand is special?

We personally create and check every product. Before we move the process to our laboratory, we spend hours thinking and talking about the needs of our skin in everyday life. Our team tests the product, and if needed - we improve it. When it is satisfying for us and our friends, we can finally send it to the laboratory and approve the formula. 
All of our products are 100% vegetarian, handmade, not tested on animals and made ethically! 
Is there a better was to support the environment and take care of your skin then by choosing our brand?

We hope that you will find your "dream come true" products from our brand and enjoy them as much as we do!

Love, ManufakturaNatura team