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Evening Primrose Oil
Price zł26.00
Not everyone knows the fact that the plant which is growing in the fields, meadows and wasteland, widely regarded as a weed has remarkable properties, highly prized by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Evening primrose was the one loved for centuries and used by women and men to body care.
Prickly Pear Seed Oil Prickly Pear Seed Oil
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Prickly Pear Seed Oil
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Plant named opuntia ficus-indica for Aztecks was a holiness. This huge cactus produces small seeds from which is pumped an valuable oil. Precious literally and figuratively – it’s the most expensive oil in the world. Although this fact the opuntia oil has gained thousands of followers around the world, called by them as 'botox in a bottle'.
Borage Oil
Price zł26.00
Years back Roman commanders ordered to serve to the warriors wine with the addition of borage leaves believing that it will add them manhood in battle. To these days we still don’t know if it was effective. We know, however, that modern medicine appreciates the health benefits of borage because of the content of many substances that favorably affecting to the human body.
Sweet Almond Oil
Price zł26.00
In ancient time almond wood was used in king’s scepters production - believed that it has a mysterious power that passes through the ruler. Just a few people know that Vincent van Gogh, enchanted by view of blooming almond trees, painted a „Blossoming Almond Tree” picture. It’s nothing surprisingly then that the oil pressed from it’s nuts is characterized by unique effects.
Macadamia Oil
Price zł26.00
Not everyone knows that the macadamia tree produces nuts for even 100 years. Aborigines for centuries are using this nut oil. World fell in love with this product a couple decades back. Today, this product finds it’s place in our kitchen and bathroom, SPA’s, aromatherapy and beauty salons. Ludicrous smell of nuts, great absorbancy into our skin and safety even for pregnant women.
Konjac Sponge with Aloe Vera
Price zł49.00
Nefretete and Cleopatra, believing that this plant would keep them young forever, bathed in its juices and used a powder made from its base. Lily of the desert, gift of heaven, plant of immortality, so many names are given to Aloe Vera, and all reflect its invaluable properties. By combining the Konjac Sponge with Aloe Vera, we have created an indispensable product for daily skin care.
Baobab Oil
Price zł28.00
If you had the opportunity to read one of the greatest polish book for kids named „W pustyni i w puszczy” (in english: „In Desert and Wilderness”) you probably remember that huge, empty baobab’s trunk gave shelter to Stas and Nel. By the African natives is called the Tree of Life and a plant that grows' with roots up. Baobab oil seduces with a slight.