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Grape Seed Oil Grape Seed Oil
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Grape Seed Oil
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For hundreds of years, grape seeds have not been used - only today, thanks to the developed technology, we can obtain oils even from so little oily products. We are glad that it happened. The original effect of this oil on the skin was discovered, among others, due to the huge content of vitamin E, which delays the aging process.

Apricot Kernel Oil Organic
Price zł26.00
Pharmaceutical companies have been inspired by healing effects resulting directly from nature for years. We know that apricot kernels are an excellent source of vitamin B17, that fights with cancer cells. The common apricot tree not only gives fruit tasty, but also rich in vitamins. Oil ingredients, applied directly to the skin, naturally nourish it. 
Rosehip oil Rosehip oil
  • -25%
Rosehip oil
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In this small bottle we have closed flawless, radiant complexion and memories about the spider veins. You shouldn’t forget about this oil in your daily care routine. Pressed from bush fruit’s seeds that grows wild in Poland, doesn’t have the typical smell of a rose but a delicate aroma typical of it’s fruit.
Olej marula
Price zł28.00
In Namibia, the country in the southern Africa, women from Ovambo tribe for centuries are producing marula oil and use it as a universal cosmetic for skin and hair care. This yellow, liquid oil is pressed from the seeds of the Marula tree fruits, fav tree of the elephants. These animals love marula fruits and are eating it with seeds straight from the tree.
Raspberry seed oil Raspberry seed oil
  • -25%
Raspberry seed oil
Regular price zł26.00 -25% Price zł19.50
Did you know that to the production of 18 liters of this oil there is a need of one truck of raspberries? Seeds of this irreplaceable in summer desserts fruit are source of valuable product. Golden, with a light nutty scent product is widely used in the care of the whole body.
Green coffee oil
Price zł38.00
Green coffee smells different than roasted, which we are drinking every morning. Immature green beans are extremely rich in antioxidants that protect our DNA’s construction. This is another product straight from the Amazonian forest with an intense, herbal aroma which is bringing our noses smell of a freshly mown grass.
Black cumin oil
Price zł26.00
According to the legend Tutankhamen was so fascinated by the effects of black cumin that ordered his servants to have it with them all the time. After Pharaoh death vial with oil was closed in his sarcophagus. Cleopatra and Nefertiti owed black cumin’s oil a beautiful and silky smooth skin.
Avocado Oil
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Avocado Oil
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Avocado is worshiped for centuries in Central America – Aztecks named it ‘the butter of wilderness’. The Incas believed that it affects to love. Avocados, due to it’s coarse, dark green skin are called also ‘the alligator pear’, sailed to Europe in the seventeenth century. To these days world is crazy about it. Light green oil pressed from this fruit has remarkable properties.