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Sweet Almond Oil
Price zł26.00
In ancient time almond wood was used in king’s scepters production - believed that it has a mysterious power that passes through the ruler. Just a few people know that Vincent van Gogh, enchanted by view of blooming almond trees, painted a „Blossoming Almond Tree” picture. It’s nothing surprisingly then that the oil pressed from it’s nuts is characterized by unique effects.
Macadamia Oil
Price zł26.00
Not everyone knows that the macadamia tree produces nuts for even 100 years. Aborigines for centuries are using this nut oil. World fell in love with this product a couple decades back. Today, this product finds it’s place in our kitchen and bathroom, SPA’s, aromatherapy and beauty salons. Ludicrous smell of nuts, great absorbancy into our skin and safety even for pregnant women.