Konjac sponges by Manufaktura Natura are a new addition to the natural facial care accessories market. We noticed some shortcomings in Manufaktura's product offer, namely the lack of products used for facial cleansing. We started to analyze products available on the market and that is how we came across information about Korean Konjac Sponges. The first glance at these products was enough and we already knew that they must be in Manufaktura! We started testing them and we were hooked.

Konjac sponges that we offer are the most delicate sponges available on the world market. It is a product of 100% plant origin. Additionally, our Konjac Sponges are: 

  • 100% pollution free 
  • The production of Konjac Sponges does not have a negative impact on our planet - they are produced in accordance with the philosophy of sustainable development 
  • Vegan and not tested on animals 
  • No artificial additives or dyes 
  • 100% biodegradable

Korean Konjac Sponges are a true gift from nature, and you will feel their effects after the first use. These products are unique in the world. 

The unique structure of our Konjac Sponges allows them to absorb more water than classic store-bought sponges and cheaper Konjac substitutes. The net structure shown in the image below not only cleanses the face but also massages and improves circulation. In addition, through the structure of the sponge, a layer of water is created between the skin and the sponge, allowing you to clean places that are inaccessible to competing products. 

Our sponges work well in conjunction with our facial cleansing foams. However, the use of these foams is not essential. Due to their unique structure, our sponges clean the face well even with water alone. 

Our Sponges can be used for bathing and washing babies. They deeply cleanse the baby's skin, and since they do not contain any chemical additives, they are ideal for babies whose protective skin barrier is not yet fully developed and is easily irritated.

Our sponges are manufactured in Korea - on Jeju Island. Jeju Island is a UNESCO World Natural Treasure and is famous for having the cleanest waters in the world.