Skin care for dry, oily, mature, problematic skin. Words that are at the top of women's search phrases on the web. It turns out that choosing the right cosmetics for your skin is not so easy. It struggles with this not only the ladies who are just beginning their adventure with skin care, but also those with extensive experience. Fortunately, nature allows us to make this task easier. When we do not see artificial preservatives, dyes, fragrances or other chemical raw materials in the composition, finding the perfect product becomes much easier!

In nature most of the ingredients are known to us, precious oils, natural hydrolats and essential oils.

In the following article we will dispel your doubts and present products that will prove to be the best solution for particular skin types!

But let's start with the basics! Each of us, regardless of skin type, should stock up on basic skin care products :
-Something to cleanse with -we suggest Natural Korean Konjac Sponges, -Toner/Hydrolate,

-Cosmetic oil, -Serum,

These are basic skin care products that will only vary in composition or type depending on your skin type.

Let us start with dry skin. It is characterized by extreme sensitivity. It can be irritated not only by lack of proper care but also by external factors such as hard water, dry air or even a rough towel used during everyday toilet. What cosmetics should we use to make our skin moisturized and radiant?

Let's start with cleansing. A Konjac sponge with aloe vera will prove to be the best choice. It will not only moisturize but also regulate the secretion of sebum, whose presence in our skin protects it from excessive water loss.

The next step is to choose an appropriate toner/hydrolate. From our rich collection we have chosen cucumber hydrolate with aloe vera! It will do a great job of toning, soothing, and moisturizing!

One of our favorite products for dry skin is Triple Hyaluronic Acid 3%. Its molecules penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin moisturizing it from the ground up and preventing water loss and loss of firmness!

Which oil to choose in this case? Plum Seed Oil! This is a very light oil rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E. It protects against water loss and against harmful external conditions!

At the end of the care but as one of the most important elements we recommend the cream! Prickly Pear with Rose. It has been developed to strongly moisturize, naturally
regenerate the skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Women struggling with acne skin try to treat their skin in various ways, ointments, creams, masks and other treatments. However, nothing will help our skin as much as properly selected natural care.

First of all, we should start with face cleansing with Konjac sponge. Why is it so important? Acne-prone skin prone to impurities, excessive sebum secretion and enlarged pores requires products that solve these problems. Konjac sponge with volcanic rock will pass the exam in deep cleansing and regulation of excess sebum.

The next step is toning. Raspberry-aloe hydrolate has a soothing, antibacterial effect on the skin, soothes irritation and reduces inflammation.

The number one oil in the fight against imperfections is definitely Tamanu Oil. Its thick consistency and brown color should not scare us off. Its properties will provide us with smooth and moisturized skin without imperfections.

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