Argan Oil Organic

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Obtained manually, in an extremely complex way, from argan trees found only in Morocco. As much as 35kg of argan fruit are needed to produce one liter of oil. Thanks to its beautiful, golden, amber color and precious properties, it has gained the nickname of "liquid Moroccan gold".
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Argan oil owes its prestige primarily because it has in its composition an ideal set of essential fatty acids that support the regeneration of the hydrolipid barrier of the epidermis and complement deficits of fat components in the skin, including valuable ceramides constituting cellular cement. It smoothes out wrinkles, and also visibly firms the skin. It affects cell renewal and strengthens the lipid barrier of the skin. Due to the high content of vitamin E, which is a source of antioxidants, it protects the skin and hair structure against damage caused by external factors, e.g. UV rays. We recommend its use to people who have problematic, acne, mature skin with signs of aging or dry skin.


Can be applied undiluted to the skin. It is suitable for allergy sufferers because it is not allergic. It absorbs very quickly and does not leave on the greasy film.


In body care:


works as a full body lotion; we recommend applying the product directly to wet skin after bathing,

applied regularly, regenerates the skin, helps in the treatment of stretch marks or frostbite,

perfectly protects the skin and hair against frost, wind or sharp sun,

a few drops of oil applied every evening on cleansed skin visibly reduces wrinkles and prevents new ones from forming,

It can be used as a means of enriching the composition of your favourite creams, serums or lotions.


In hair care: 


weakened hair will restore shine and add elasticity; you can apply small portions to wet hair or mix with one of your favourite mask,

applied to the scalp, fights with dandruff,

discipline unruly strands; apply a few drops to the ends of dry or wet hair,

add a few drops to shampoo or conditioner just before use; hair will be more shiny and nourished.


Hand and nail care:


rub oil in the cuticles and the nail plate every evening; such a procedure will strengthen them and prevent them from breaking.

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